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Face Mask with Straw Hole

Face Mask with Straw Hole

High-density cotton washable face masks with slit in the back to add your own filter.  This mask is our "centerfold" pattern. The mask has a more contoured shape.  With the two-toned option, you have the ability to select two separate fabrics for each side of your mask and add customization to each side. The mask comes with a slit in the front to insert a straw for easy access to beverages. 


We have lots of pattern choices. Please scroll through the photos to see our pattern choices or select the option for a solid color. 


We can customize your mask as well! PLEASE MESSAGE FOR CUSTOMIZED IDEAS. 


*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many fabric stores are having a shortage of popular fabric choices. Should a fabric you select become unavailable, we reserve the right to replace the fabric with a comparable color choice*

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